Visualize your clients' cash flows with our Sankey-Diagram Tool

Use our interactive cash flow calculator in client meetings to provide a clear view of cash inflows and outflows. Collaboratively identify opportunities for saving and investing and strengthen your role as a trusted financial advisor.
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Enhance Your Financial Advisory Services with Our Personal Cash Flow Calculator

As a financial advisor, your primary goal is to provide exceptional service and value to your clients. Our personal cash flow calculator is a valuable tool designed to help you achieve this objective. By visualizing your clients' income and expenses using an intuitive Sankey diagram, this calculator enables users to quickly understand and manage their cash flow.

A Sankey diagram is a flow diagram where the width of the arrows is proportional to the flow rate. In the context of personal finance, it provides a clear visual representation of how money flows in and out of an account. This makes it an ideal choice for displaying cash inflows and outflows in a way that is easy for clients to comprehend at a glance.

Key Benefits of Our Personal Cash Flow Calculator for Financial Advisors

  1. Improved Client Meetings

    When you use our cash flow calculator in client meetings, you can provide an interactive, transparent view of your clients' financial situation. This allows you to collaboratively identify opportunities for saving and investing, strengthening your role as a trusted partner in their financial journey.

  2. Effective Lead Generation

    In addition to enhancing client meetings, our calculator is also an effective lead generation tool for your website. By embedding it on your site, visitors can independently explore their own cash flow and identify areas where they could benefit from professional financial advice. When they're ready to take the next step, they'll know to turn to you for guidance and support.

  3. Fully Customizable

    We understand that every financial advisor has unique needs. That's why our cash flow calculator's Sankey diagram is fully customizable. From colors and labels to input fields, everything can be adjusted to match your brand and specific requirements.

  4. Easy to Embed

    Integrating our cash flow calculator into your website is simple and straightforward. Just copy and paste a simple embed code, and you can integrate the calculator and start engaging your website visitors right away. No technical expertise required.

Support Your Clients and Grow Your Business

Whether you're working with clients one-on-one or reaching out to new leads online, our personal cash flow calculator is a powerful tool for helping people better understand and manage their finances. By providing this valuable resource, you position yourself as their trusted advisor every step of the way.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your financial advisory services. Integrate our personal cash flow calculator into your client meetings and website today, and start providing even greater value to your clients and prospects alike.

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