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College Savings Calculator
Engage prospects and clients on your website with our intuitive college savings calculator, designed specifically for financial advisors. This interactive tool empowers users to estimate future education costs and determine optimal savings strategies based on their unique goals. Seamlessly integrate the calculator into your site, showcasing your expertise in college planning. Drive lead generation by gating results and nurturing conversations to grow your business. Embed it today and position yourself as a trusted guide for college funding solutions.
Retirement Readiness Quiz
Enhance your client engagement with our Retirement Readiness Quiz, tailored for financial advisors seeking to attract new clients. This intuitive quiz prompts clients to answer questions about their savings, lifestyle, and retirement goals, providing instant insights into their preparedness for retirement. Seamlessly integrate it into your website for easy access, making it an outstanding tool to enrich your advisory services. It not only fosters meaningful conversations about retirement planning but also builds confidence in your expertise and guidance.
Dividend Yield Calculator
Boost your client service with our Dividend Yield Calculator, designed specifically for financial advisors. This straightforward tool allows clients to input dividend amounts, select a dividend frequency, and enter the share price to instantly see the annual dividend yield in percent. Easy to integrate into your website and use, it's a perfect addition to your advisory services, enhancing client interactions and trust in your guidance.
Outsourcing Calculator
Attract more customers to your website, help them figure out their outsourcing needs and costs, and efficiently pre-filter your leads for higher quality prospects. Ideal for Marketing Agencies, Accounting firms, Recruitment agencies, and Real Estate businesses focused on attracting more suitable and informed leads.
Solar Savings Calculator
Generate Solar Leads with a Solar Savings Calculator. Follow our step-by-step instructions to embed a solar savings calculator on your website, enhance your site's functionality and offer users instant estimates of their potential solar savings.
Mortgage Calculator
Boost the lead generation on your website with a mortgage calculator, simplifying financial assessments for clients and generating higher-quality leads. Ideal for Real Estate, Financial Services, and Home Improvement sectors looking to attract informed, ready-to-engage visitors.
Price Quote Calculator - Outdoor Cleaning Business
Enhance your website's lead generation with our outdoor cleaning cost calculator. This tool makes it easier for clients to estimate the costs of various outdoor cleaning services, leading to higher-quality leads. Perfect for businesses in the Outdoor Cleaning, Property Maintenance, and Landscaping sectors seeking to attract customers who are informed and ready to take action.
Sales Commission Calculator
Maximize your sales team's potential with our Sales Commission Calculator. Ideal for companies looking to attract driven sales professionals, this tool provides clear insights into possible earnings, helping you showcase lucrative commission opportunities on your website. Easy to embed and use, it's perfect for giving potential recruits a glimpse of their financial prospects with your company.
Price Quote Calculator - House Painting
Enhance your customer engagement with our House Painting Price Quote Calculator. Perfect for painting businesses aiming to provide transparent and detailed cost estimates, this tool offers instant price quotes, allowing you to clearly communicate potential expenses to your clients. Simple to integrate into your website and effortless for clients to use, it's an ideal solution for offering immediate, tailored cost estimates for house painting projects.
Start from Scratch
Haven’t found a template that meets your exact needs? Just start from scratch to create a widget from the ground up. Whether it’s for a unique business requirement or a specific design vision, our editor simplifies the process. To guide you, we provide step-by-step video tutorials, making it straightforward to craft the perfect widget for your website, no matter how complex your idea may be.
Calculator Creation Service
For those with a busy schedule, we offer a specialized service where our team of experts will handle the design and development of a custom calculator widget or customize one of our templates for you. Tailored specifically to your needs, you'll receive a professional, high-quality widget without the need to invest your own time in building it.
Embedding Widgets Created with Our Drag-n-Drop Builder in Javascript Frameworks like React is Quick and Easy

Embracing Headless CMS with Frontend Frameworks Like React, Angular and Vue.js

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the use of a headless CMS paired with frontend frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.js has become increasingly popular. This powerful combination offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, making it a top choice for modern web development. With a headless CMS, content management becomes more streamlined and adaptable, unbound by front-end constraints. Meanwhile, frontend frameworks like React and Vue.js provide rich user interfaces and dynamic experiences, enhancing user engagement and site performance.

The Marketer's Challenge: Waiting on Development

However, this advanced tech stack comes with its own set of challenges, particularly for marketing teams. One significant limitation is the dependency on development teams to implement new components, such as ROI calculators or other lead generation tools. Marketers often find themselves in a holding pattern, waiting for busy developers to have the time to create and integrate these essential marketing components. This bottleneck can delay campaigns and hinder the agility of marketing efforts.

A No-Code Solution: Drag-and-Drop Widget Builder

Enter our no-code, drag-and-drop widget builder – a game-changer for marketing teams. Designed to address this very bottleneck, our builder empowers marketers to create highly customizable widgets without needing any coding skills. With features like multi-language support, conditional logic, and a robust calculation engine, it's never been easier to build sophisticated marketing tools.

Marketers can use this tool to create a variety of widgets, from ROI calculators to personalized forms and interactive surveys. These widgets not only enhance user engagement but also provide valuable insights, contributing to more effective marketing strategies.

Effortless Integration with React and Vue.js

The integration process is a breeze. Widgets created with our builder can be easily embedded in both React and Vue.js environments. The beauty of this approach is that once embedded, no further developer intervention is required. Marketers can update and modify these widgets on their own, using the same intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This autonomy drastically reduces the turnaround time for implementing changes and launching new initiatives.

Benefiting Both Marketers and Developers

This solution offers a win-win scenario. For marketers, it means gaining the ability to rapidly deploy and update critical tools like ROI calculators, forms, and quizzes without waiting on the development team. For developers, it frees up valuable time to focus on more complex business logic and site functionality. It fosters a more collaborative and efficient environment where both teams can excel in their respective domains without stepping on each other's toes.


In conclusion, our no-code widget builder bridges the gap between the advanced capabilities of headless CMS with frontend frameworks and the practical needs of marketing teams. It's a tool that enhances the agility and effectiveness of marketing efforts while allowing developers to concentrate on what they do best. In the dynamic world of digital marketing and web development, solutions like ours are not just convenient – they're essential.

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